Rang Barse - Brij Gopal and Deepali Bhutada

Brij Gopal and his wife Deepali Bhutada are a well-known couple among the city’s socialites. In his leisure time, Brij Gopal loves to travel and watch cricket. Deepali enjoys movies, music, and travelling.

Every year, Brij Gopal and Deepali wait to celebrate Holi. They believe that this auspicious festival not only solemnises the end of evil but also allows them to enjoy with their family and friends. Brij Gopal says one of the best and most memorable celebrations was his first Holi with his wife after they got married.  For the last four years, Brij Gopal and his friends organise one of the biggest Holi parties in Hyderabad, the Bang Bang Holi, and this year too they are planning to host it. The couple prefers playing with eco-friendly colours that are easy to wash off and cause no skin damage. Brij Gopal loves trying out different vegetarian dishes made for the occasion, including Kachori, Panipuri, and Malpua.