Ranbir doesn’t want to be a father like me: Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who is known for his outspoken nature, says he has always tried to maintain a gap between him and his son— actor Ranbir Kapoor when it comes to talking about personal life. He says Ranbir has never liked it and doesn’t want to be like him as a father. Rishi recently launched his autobiography, titled Khullam Khulla - Rishi Kapoor Uncensored. In his autobiography, Rishi has revealed some of the unknown aspects of his life, right from his and his late father Raj Kapoor’s affairs with co-stars to his belief on father-son relationships and his passion for acting.

“For me, Raj Kapoor was not only a father. He was my guru,and whatever I am today is because of him. When we were kids we knew that we were children of someone very important because wherever we went people looked at us as Raj Kapoor’s sons,” Rishi said at the launch.

He revealed that during Ranbir’s childhood, he was busy working, due to which Ranbir got closer to Neetu. “Ranbir says that when he has kids, he will not be like me. It’s a generation gap. I cannot be a friend to a son. You must accept me the way I am,” Rishi added.