Raising the Bar

Tipsy Stories, the city’s newest lounge with its refreshingly subdued décor, large space, and groovy music is bound to take the city by storm.


Catering to the tastes and preferences of every individual, Tipsy Stories—the new addition to Road No. 36 Jubilee Hills’ list of eateries—offers something for everyone. The lounge bar is dark and uncluttered, and echoes with merry conversation. Put simply, it’s a mainstay for the young and hip at heart to enjoy a pint of beer (or two) or choose from the long list of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Run by Sundeep Bollineni, Tipsy Stories has four sections each of which have a relaxed ambience; with seating and lighting to suit different moods. With a contemporary feel, the entrance is enclosed in wood and has industrial lighting on the ceiling. Next is an intimate lounge-bar which offers an opportunity for a relaxed evening with friends or family. Done up entirely in black, the bar’s lights are the only thing that offset the dark interiors. Then is the well-decorated rooftop which is followed by a wrap-around terrace that offers a great view of the area.


The bar offers a large selection of classic drinks – from sangria and tequila to beer cocktails and mojitos. It also offers an extensive range of wines, signature house cocktails, gin, vodka, rum, and whisky along with non-alcoholic drinks.

The food menu is an amalgamation of typical Indian dishes and ubiquitous pub grub and café staples like sandwiches, finger snacks, and salads. In addition to the standard comfort fares, the menu also boasts Kadai Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, Mamsam Vepudu, and Chicken Dum Biryani amongst others.


A good bar to impress someone on a first date, Tipsy Stories is elegant and unobtrusive. To begin with, the tables are spaced well apart so you won’t have to overhear anyone’s conversation, and the music is not too loud either. The playlist changes every day, so from commercial House to electronic, and Bollywood music, there’s something for everyone. With three different DJs, the lounge bar also plays classic rock and dubstep every day after 5 pm.

From our experience, we predict that Tipsy Stories will soon become a popular nightlife destination in the city among the youth. The elegant decor, good food, amazing view, and delicious range of cocktails make the lounge bar a top choice on our list!         – Anisha