Radhika Apte Talks About Priyanka Chopra – Why She Admires PeeCee

Actress Radhika Apte is about to make her debut in the world of Hollywood and she has revealed that Priyanka Chopra is her inspiration, saying she admires her and truly respects her global popularity.

During India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2018 on Saturday here, Radhika said: "I admire whatever Priyanka is doing. She is doing an amazing job. She has been in Hollywood for a while and has fought so many battles there."

However, she feels there is a dearth of south Asian women in the world cinema.

"If you go to Canada or Los Angeles, you will get to see many South Asians there but on screens they are so less in number. It is abnormal not to have much South Asians on screens. We need more people."

Radhika also expressed that people should not only dream for Hollywood but also fight for equal representation in the world.

"I want our generation to break stereotypes and I want Indians who are making their foray in Hollywood to get all kinds of roles.

"It does not mean if you are brown in colour, you will only get to play Indian characters in International films. This cliché thinking should be broken," she added.

The Sacred Games actress also explained how this showbiz industry works.

She said: "Industry is not only driven by talent, it depends upon so many factors. If you need to be successful in this field, one should know how to convert everything into a plus point. If you have a dusky face, make that your plus point. One should know how to compete with challenges like gender and age. It is very important to transform every disadvantage into an advantage."

Picture Courtesy –Radhika Apta Instagram