A Race Towards Progress

Renault’s latest concept car, Renault ZOE, is defined by its expressive design. While taking sportiness to the   extreme, the conventional-looking car is an exercise in style that embodies our passion for automobiles combined with the exceptional potential of the electric vehicle in terms of driving enjoyment. Read on to find out what more is in store.

Like so many other French cars, the Renault Zoe has a very striking design. You might even say a little avant-garde. It is a compact five-door hatchback that easily accommodates four adults for city driving and short trips. The blue headlights, tail lights, and logos are meant to distinguish the electric Zoe from the regular Renault ICE vehicles. Renault hides the charge port behind the logo on the front of the car. Many people prefer this location as it makes it easy to pull up to a charging location and plug it in. Another little design feature is the hidden rear passenger’s door handle. It is a little black flap that you push-in and pull to open the door. Maybe this flush design offers some minor aerodynamic benefit or it could simply be a cost-saving measure.

Sport Expertise
The design and calibration of the concept car’s chassis have greatly benefited from the expertise of the Renault Sport Cars teams, experts for some of the Renault Group’s most radical sports vehicles. The quest for the highest level of dynamic performance guided their technical decisions. A tubular chassis created by TORK Engineering, double-triangle suspension at the front and rear, 20-inch wheels and OHLINS four-way adjustable shock absorbers provide the Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept with ultimate performance on the circuit.


Unrivalled Performance
Thanks to its architecture, its onboard power and power transmission management, the super mini-sized electric car performs at the highest level. Also, its weight/power ratio (1460 kg including driver/460 hp) and 640 nm torque (320 nm per engine) available almost instantly can reach 100 km/hr in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 210 km/hr in under 10 seconds
Optimal transmission power The embedded electronics precisely and dynamically control the energy provided by the batteries. The pilot can choose from four driving modes, depending on whether they prioritise sportiness or driving range. In addition, the air and water cooling system helps to maintain the correct temperature for the electronics and the batteries.


Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept features two engines using high capacity permanent magnet technology to achieve a total power of 340 kW, around 460 hp. These engines are supplied by two batteries with a storage capacity of 40 kW that allow full power to be achieved.     – Source: Renault