A Quintessential Affair

If you’re planning a big event or a wedding, it is likely that Minttu and Breeze Sarna’s name has already come across your radar. They are a widely talented and respected wedding and event planning duo whose clientele is rather remarkable. From Swarovski-themed venues to those with temples and flower gardens, Minttu & Breeze have created larger than life venues time and again. The couple has created wedding ceremonies that are heartfelt, fun, meaningful, and most of all, inspiring. In order to better understand this classy ideal, we chatted with the passionate event planners about their journey so far and the love for their work. They even revealed the latest wedding trends for this year. Take a look!


Immense passion, innate style and class, and a keen sense of responsibility are the key elements to Minttu & Breeze’s style. They belong to the new generation of event planners who are no longer afraid of experimenting with different materials, colours, and styles, and are consciously distancing themselves from the minimalistic style that has been distinguishing decor over the past few years.

Although he has been in the business of bespoke event and wedding management for over seven years, Minttu originally comes from a very different professional background. “Getting into event planning was a sheer accident. I was previously running my own transport business and software company when a friend of mine asked me to help him with his daughter’s cradle ceremony. I got interested in what all goes on behind the scenes and decided to establish ‘Signature Décor by Minttu Sarna’ along with my wife Breeze,” explains Minttu.  


He adds, “Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects, right from consulting and designing to coordinating and implementing an event. We provide a hassle-free planning and design process that will allow you to experience an event in a new way. Be it the ceiling and stage design, coverings, table accessories, lighting and sound design, and flower arrangements or anything else.”


While Minttu does not have any formal training in event or wedding planning, he says, “It’s all about the clients and our passion to make the event memorable and unique for them. The key is to take all their briefs and tell a magical story with them. Also, we consider what ideas work where; some ideas you can utilise for events other than the actual wedding; like a sangeet day, a mehendi ceremony, or even the bridal shower. Attention to detail, and not in the way most people mean it. What I mean is, introducing unexpected and unique delights into an occasion to make it that much more memorable. Adding special touches wherever possible always elevates the experience.” It is because of this attention to detail that the couple has won the ‘Best Designer Award’ for the last three consecutive years. They swear that the joy of creating something new every time is inexpressible, and their delight is thoroughly visible in their work.


Talking about one of their biggest projects that he has worked on, Sarna recalls, “It was a Swarovski-inspired wedding at the Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. It featured Swarovski crystals, specially imported from Austria, that were woven into the various aspects of the wedding décor – right from the basic hotfix, embellished monograms on the gorgeous floral walls, and crystals strings. There were Swarovski crystal strands comprising of pearl drop tassels hung around the canopies and the ceiling of the mandap. There were also subtle crystal embellished Peacock patterns on the pillars. The heart-shaped crystals against the thousands of red roses and exotic flowers further accentuated the venue. It was intimidating, but great fun to create.”


According to Minttu, their emphasis has always been on the novelty factor and how to create a setting that truly reflects the client’s personality. “Creating a different experience for the couple and their families has always been my main agenda. We recently hosted a beautiful wedding in Thailand where the bride walked down the aisle to the mellow music played by violinists. The aisle opened to the beach and had a natural feel to it,” he says. So what are their strategies when designing a destination wedding? “To begin with, we ensure to embrace local colours along with the theme or culture of the particular destination as this will make for an authentic experience for the guests. Secondly, collaborating with local resources makes life easier. They have immense knowledge and are easy to work with,” he states.   


Speaking of trends, he explains, “It is all about timeless chic coupled with the all-important wow factor...that’s what it has always been. From a colour point of view, we will see more of pastels this season. Along with floral installation, a lot of industrial chic and minimalism are going to create waves this year,” Minttu shares. “This season, everything is still opulent but it is soothing to the eye, more like natural and clean lines. Instead of jasmines, you’ll see temperate blossoms and extravagant installations that make a statement,” he adds. “Another essential trend is wedding stylists,” Minttu continued. Because choosing outfits can be the most stressful part of the process, one should have a good stylist who would help pick out the entire bridal trousseau and work closely with the bride, groom, and their families.



Creating an atmosphere where the guest feels more elegant and sophisticated, Minttu feels attention to detail should be the prime focus. For all those aspiring event planners out there, he states, “The event or wedding management industry can be overrun with people who are in it for the perceived excitement, passion or glamour. The process is not nearly as glamorous as the end product, but passion and excitement are important.” He further adds, “Day-to-day obstacles are bound to come one’s way in a field such as this, but nothing happens without the right mix of planning, creativity, and teamwork to pull off a successful event. The key element for a successful show is being aware of the fact that this industry is about making the people that you work for – your clients — happy.”

– Anisha