Queen of Hearts! Kareena Kapoor khan

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Like every other festival in India, Diwali has a rich history too. While the reasons to celebrate the festivals of lights can be traced back to ancient India, it brings a lot  of happiness and pleasurable moments for most of us. Some of us even wait a whole year for its arrival, especially children - they enjoy it the most! As we are progressing towards Diwali, we chatted with various folks from different cities to find out their own reasons for looking forward to this festival with eagerness. Some called

it ‘Diwali’, believing that it’s the homecoming of Lord Rama, celebrated at 6 pm and some,‘Deepavali’, the destruction of tyrant Narakasura by Lord Krishna during a battle, celebrated at 4 am. Read all about that in the Feature Story.

On our cover, we have the sizzling Kareena Kapoor Khan, who while having completed almost two decades in the industry, hopes to continue acting till the end of her life. She is now looking forward to working with Aamir Khan for their upcoming movie Laal Singh Chadha and chats about that and more in Cover Story.

Traditional Indian foods or Diwali staple dishes are absolutely delicious. But they also can be rich, heavy, and laden with carbs and calories. Hence in Mind & Body, we share with you a few healthy twists to classic Diwali dishes – so you can keep it festive and stay healthy at the same time!

Gracing our People in Focus pages are Varuna D Jani, who has had a passion for jewellery ever since she was eight and Bhavna Singh, a celebrity stylist, model, and a fitness enthusiast. They schmoozed with us about all the interesting things they have going on in their lives.

In Grand Getaways, the lovely Liza Malik told us that her ten-day trip to Thailand turned out to be one of her favourite vacations. Learn more about why the popular actor, singer, performer, and Miss Delhi 2004 feels so.

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