Purple Patch

A futile job search in New Delhi did not dampen Ankita’s spirits. Secretly she took up a project, and hit a purple patch. Read on...
Tell us how you came up with Pink Champagne. How did it all start?
I consider Pink Champagne an extension of me in many ways – craziness, experimentation, creativity and, above all, ambition. Pink Champagne was born inside the office walls of an FMCG company that I was working with in Gurgaon in 2010. After finishing my BSc in Economics from the University of Warwick, my visit to Delhi threw a blank job-wise, which led me to secretly start working on this project.
What is the concept of Pink Champagne?
The idea of Pink Champagne came to me at a time when the luxury exhibition concept in Kanpur was still unexplored, and that gave me the push to put everything together. I feel fortunate to be able to turn my dreams into reality. As the name suggests, Pink Champagne is a luxury brand boutique exhibition for women where we curate upcoming labels from across the country with the aim of bringing the latest trends in fashion to your doorstep. Our focus is to build a luxe retail experience where our customers can shop at ease. As they say: “Shopping is therapeutic and releases positive emotions.”
Ankita Pink Champagne 
What has the response been like?

We launched in Kanpur in 2011, and the response was extremely encouraging and heart-warming. Our journey has seen us do six shows in Kanpur, including trunk shows featuring luxury international brands. We have also ventured out to the capital city of UP, Lucknow, with one show there, and another is coming up in April next year.
Which designers have you worked with?

Our main focus is to promote and provide an established platform to upcoming labels and designers keenly focused on work ethic and high quality items, some of them being Vasundhara Creative Jewellery, Eshaani Jayaswal, The Silk Tree by Darshan Dhupia, Myra by Anju Narain, Satya Paul, Gayatri Chopra Bag and Beau Monde. Our international associates have been Lladró and Rosenthal, as well as brands such as Jimmy Choo and Furla.
What are the future endeavours of Pink Champagne?
As a growing brand name with rising recognition, we want to spread our wings in bigger cities. Hyderabad may soon be next in our plans, and we will officially announce it by the year end.
Tell us about your clientele.
Our clientele comprises women of all age groups with a fine taste in shopping and fashion. Our targets change with the seasons: autumn/winter is mostly wedding- and festival-oriented, while spring/summer features western and resort wear, and bright colours.
How do you keep yourself updated on the trends?
Social media, especially Instagram, is my encyclopaedia when it comes to who wore what, when, fashion faux pas, the most trending online shopping websites and so on. That is how I plan on the exhibition’s look, theme, participant list and more.
What do you like doing when you are not working?
I’m a travel buff and I enjoy any place I visit. Some of the places I would like to see again would be New Zealand for its adventure sports and beauty, Istanbul and London for the parties and food, Paris, and the Bahamas.                                               --- as told to Vatika