Punjabi’s on the Phone

If you thought sequels are only a thing in movies, you need to check out this sequel on how Punjabis behave on Culture Machine's digital channel 'Being Indian'! After the extremely funny video on “Know your Punjabis”, Sahil Khattar now features in the sequel video titled “Punjabis on the Phone”. Bringing the little Punjabi in you to life while you hold the sides of your chair laughing, ‘Being Indian’ has gone all out in this sequel to bring out the much known features of the Pagdi clan and what a way to do so!

The much-loved Sahil Khattar, who plays the role of three different ‘kinds’ of Punjabis is sure to have you in splits with this video! Using typical Punjabi dialogues that anyone who is Punjabi or knows a Punjabi can relate to, he imitates and looks his part perfectly!

The infamous Delhi Punjabi, the humble Pind da Punjabi and the NRI Punjabi will make your sides hurt from laughing! Being Indian has once again hit Bulls eye with this video and it is definitely something you must not miss!

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-Devashree Goenka