Puma has long been celebrated as one of the super-powers in the shoe business. Their edgy and creative designs have always made them distinct from all the other biggies in the business and have consistently kept them afloat. Puma Golf has been standing out of late, and the golf footwear industry is thrilled! Their back-to-back releases have all been met with rave reviews and are nothing less than incredible. Many big names such as Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler have been seen sporting these masterpieces all over the world. Puma Golf has been experimenting with spike-less golf shoes, which have grown more popular in recent times. The new model from Puma has been rated the best to date, thanks to its aesthetic perfection and performance on the field.

Early 2019 saw the arrival of Puma Ignite NXT, which includes the show-stopper SOLELACE. It is the standout style in this collection, and the technical capabilities are endless! The SOLELACE design involves integrating the shoe laces with the upper, midsole, and outsole. This creates extra stability and helps fit the foot like a glove. The designers of SOLELACE have revealed that it features super strong and lightweight TPU units that are directly attached to the midsole. “This helps the laces of the shows to pull the midsole and outsole of the show via the SOLELACE units, rather than the laces simply tightening the upper around the food like a traditional shoe,” they further explained.  This build is perfect for a golf course, which is why many professionals have been adopting this style. The mesh upper has been made from a flat knit waterproof fabric that feels amazing to touch. The PWRFRAME also offers a thin layer of TPU which gives extra cushioning to the areas of the foot with the highest stress. With these on, your feet will hardly notice that they’ve been up and about all day! And the best part is, you don’t just have to restrict these shoes to the golf course. Since the model features the spike-less style, you can style these with casual clothes and wear them anywhere!      - Courtesy: Luxatic.com