Ingredients                        Qty

rice                                  1½ cups
oil                                    2 Tbsp
sesame/cooking oil           1 Tbsp
curry leaves                      2 sprigs
red chillies (broken)           2
mustard seed                   ½ tsp
chana dal                          1 Tbsp
urad dal                             1 Tbsp
peanuts                            a fistful
asafoetida                         a generous pinch  
salt                                   to taste
tamarind pulp (thick)          4 Tbsp
green chillies (slit)             2
ginger (finely chopped)       ½ tsp
turmeric powder                 as needed
mustard powder                ½ tsp
jaggery (optional)               ½ tsp


1.   If you wish to use either sesame or mustard powder (not both), lightly roast the seeds and          let cool before powdering.
2.   Wash the tamarind and soak in hot water for a while. Squeeze and make a thick paste, pass       it through a filter, and discard the seeds and pulp.
3.   Wash and cook the rice until done. Don’t allow it to become mushy; the grains must stay             separate. Cool the rice on a wide plate and sprinkle evenly with salt, turmeric, and sesame          oil. Set aside until the seasoning is ready.
4.   Once the rice cools down, mix it with sprinkled turmeric and salt. If needed, use more                   turmeric to get a nice colour.
5.   Heat oil in a pan. Add peanuts and dal, and fry until golden. Add curry leaves, green and             red chillies and ginger (if using). Fry until the red chillies turn crisp. Add asafoetida, tamarind       pulp, jaggery (if using) and a little more salt.
6.   Cook the mixture until it thickens, or the pulihora will stay moist. Switch off the heat and add       powdered mustard or sesame seed to the rice. Stir, but do not let the mixture fry in the pan. 7.   Add the seasoning to the rice and mix well. Serve with fresh, homemade curd.