ProTruly’s Darling Smartphone: 360 Degree Camera With Embedded Diamonds

With plenty of phones being released in the market, manufacturers are striving hard to come up with unique features. Every once in a while, one phone seems to stand out for its unique style and a great idea. This year ProTruly’s Darling Smartphone is the first smart phone with a combination of built in 360-degree camera and a strip of real diamonds.

The biggest attraction of the Chinese based ProTruly’s Darling phone is its four cameras with different megapixel sizes and features. The phone comes with two 13MP 360 degree cameras on front and back. This built in camera is capable of capturing photos and videos from all directions. Photos and videos can be viewed on facebook and other social media sites that support 360 degree viewable media. However they are two versions of ProTruly’s Darling Phone, the standard model which comes with a built in plastic camera and the high-end model features leather with a strip of gold embedded with four diamonds. Currently this smart phone is only available at all the electronic stores in China, but as of now there is no exact date on when the phone will be released overseas.

-    Akhila kakarala
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