Principe and Automobili Lamborghini’s New Collection

Automobili Lamborghini recently partnered with the Italian company Principe, which specialises in fine leather goods, fashion accessories, shoes, intending to craft and distribute a small number of customised leather goods, sold under the Automobili Lamborghini brand.

The collection comprises a few backpacks and trolleys perfect for travelling, belts, cross body bags, stylish satchels, and a lot of other little leather goods. All of these stylish items shall be on sale and will be distributed through 300 retail clients and 450 points, internationally, to countries like Hong Kong, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, and Singapore. The novel collection will also be available in the United States and Europe.

This unusual partnership brings about the best of both worlds – the values of the Lamborghini added to Principe’s professionalism and experiencing outstanding leather goods designs in various styles that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of Lamborghini fans. All the goods will be sold through department stores, duty-free shops, specialist outlets, and even the essential airlines.      - Web: