Preventing Childhood Obesity - Obesity in child and young adults has become a major problem as this leads to serious health issues. Here are a few tips for parents to prevent obesity in children and young adults.

Parents and doctors are concerned about obesity in children and youth as this will lead to major health issues such as Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, Asthma, early puberty, heart problems, Iron and Vitamin D deficiency. By providing right treatment to children who are obese some of these health problems can be prevented. One of the major step towards making sure that your child is healthy is to make a few changes to their lifestyle.

Tips for parents to help prevent childhood obesity-

1. Encourage healthy eating habits- Food is a major factor that plays a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Parents should give their children healthy food in order to make sure they stay fit and healthy. Children and youth should –

•    Have lot of fruits and vegetables.
•    Drink lot of water.
•    Switch to low-fat or non-fat dairy products.
•    Limit consumption of food that are high in sugar.
•    Reduce the intake of sweetened beverages.
•    Eat lot of lean meats, fish, beans and lentils.

2. Physical activities- Children and youth prefer to stay home and play a video game instead of outdoor activities. Parents should encourage their children to participate in some fun physical activities that help them stay fit such as-

•    Swimming
•    Dancing
•    Yoga
•    Playing a sport
•    Brisk walk
•    Running  

3. Reduce sedentary time- Apart from encouraging your child to participate in some physical activity, do not encourage them to watch television, play video games or surf the web for long hours during the day.

4. Enough sleep- Lack of sleep has been suggested as one of the risk factors for obesity in children and young adults. In someone who does not get enough sleep hormonal changes take place and they are likely eat more and this will lead to serious health issues.

5. By maintaining a healthy diet and implementing these tips children and young adults will not suffer from serious health issues due to obesity.      -    Akhila kakarala and - Pic courtesy: