The Power of Suggestion!

It’s been frequently said that “it’s all in the mind.” And it’s true! Lately, mental trainers, hypnotherapists and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioners have begun to reveal the extent to which the human mind’s capabilities can be extended to achieve incredible feats. In other words, we’re much more capable than we even know! The potential is within; we just need a stronger will.

Hypnotherapy is a rising phenomenon in India, and we spoke with a professional practitioner, Pradeep Aggarwal, to learn more about the field. Mr. Aggarwal is the founder of the Institute of Mind Control and Development. He is well known in Hyderabad circles and around India as an educator, hypnotist, NLP trainer, business consultant, much-sought after speaker and consultant to organisations, individuals and professional sports teams.

Mr. Aggarwal has worked with some famous names on the Indian sports scene, and has provided his expertise to athletes in sports as varied as tennis, power lifting, cricket, golf, squash and boxing. Ritwik Bhattacharya, India’s top-notch squash player, and Vijendra Kumar, the boxer who bagged the bronze in the Beijing Olympics, are just some of the sportsmen with whom he’s worked. Currently, he’s working with a successful badminton player whose name he prefers not to disclose.

Mr. Aggarwal tells us, “I started way back in 1972. Sports hypnosis is certainly not a new phenomenon in India, but is becoming increasingly popular because of technology like electronic media and the Internet.” He adds, “The only prerequisite is that a person needs to be willing to seek help for this practice to work.”

Mr. Aggarwal uses a number of methods to treat his patients, hypnosis being just one of the tools at his disposal. Hypnosis involves programming the sub-conscious mind and teaching the patient various techniques to improve their active visualisation. It requires a lot of practice to remove a subject’s mental blocks and ultimately help them overcome their fears, remove negative beliefs and gain greater confidence. One-on-one sessions are also offered to aid self-development and overcome fears of public speaking and examinations.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is another technique Mr. Aggarwal practices. It is "a model of interpersonal communication” and "a system of alternative therapy.” The chief concern here is with relationships between successful patterns of behavior, and the subjective experiences like patterns of thought underlying them. NLP seeks to promote greater self-awareness and effective communication, and to alter patterns of mental and emotional behaviour. Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, the co-founders of NLP, claimed its instrumental value lies in "finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives."

Mr. Aggarwal also mentions self-hypnosis, a technique which enables a patient to become hypnotised on his own. Mind management techniques are further utilised to help pain management, reduce trauma, to help heal the body faster and optimise the body’s performance.

The health benefits of hypnotherapy are considerable, and include reducing stress, anxiety, fear, addictions like smoking, and controlling pain. It can also be used for weight loss, and to treat depression and insomnia. To give a specific example, a body builder can use hypnosis for weight reduction before an upcoming competition. His metabolism can be increased, enabling him to burn all the extra fat!

Apart from conducting hypnosis sessions, Mr. Aggarwal also holds a large number of public seminars on the subject. He plans to focus on golfers, as he sees the potential of young willing minds in this sport to expand and train themselves to perform to their optimum level.

So, if you’re a willing sportsperson, or just an individual who wants break an unhealthy habit or achieve greater motivation and positive development, hypnotherapy might be just the thing for you. Remember… it’s all in the mind!    

- Hewasa