The Power of Portrait - Eshaan Girri

One of our star photographers and a sought-after talent for capturing the essence of celebrities in his portrait photography, Eshaan Girri’s work is audacious, arresting, extraordinary, and endlessly inventive. He has an evident penchant for portrait photography, something he’s revealed over the years with his stripped-down and undeniably powerful depictions of some of the biggest superstars: Katrina Kaif, Samantha Akkineni, and Tamannaah Bhatia… Eshaan has had them all in front of his lens.

How did you get the first big project?
It was for Cyient limited. The creative director of the company follows me on Instagram and he recommended me for stock images.

You’ve done some powerful portraits in the past – Rashmika, Tamannaah, Shobhita, etc – what’s your working process like? How do you make the moment happen where they seem honest and real?
The main thing is to gain a person’s trust. I try to create a comfortable environment for my clients and make them feel relaxed and at ease. I use music to make it a little fun; I limit the number of people in the studio and communicate my ideas and direction of the shot clearly. Once they are comfortable, they react naturally in any shoot.

We’ve talked about your portraits but you also do a lot of fashion photography. What’s your working process like there?
I set up my shoot with appropriate lighting, do some light tests, and make sure we have the correct background for our shoot or location. I also ensure the ambience is in perfect harmony with the hues. Lighting is my most important process, and it takes the most amount of time to get it right. Having the perfect light is something I’m always striving to achieve.

You are steady on your photography work for years; what were the ups and downs of this career?
I’ve been fortunate enough to have mostly ups in my career and I’m glad that I’ve got the support from my clients, my team, family or friends. Downs were the times when I would ask myself if I made the correct choice by choosing photography over my family business, or was I talented enough to make it into a career and be a great photographer. But at the end of the day, my perseverance, hard work and constant evolvement has brought me here!

What makes a good photographer? Is it the sharpness of the picture, the vision, or their hard work?
All three of that and more.

What are your ethos and approach as a photographer?
My approach as a photographer is to shoot in a unique perspective which is mixed with perfect lighting and composition. I feel everyone does this differently and I have my unique twist to it.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos at the beginning?
That being a good photographer is not about the kind equipment or brands you use or that not every shoot will go your way. I’ve realised that during a shoot everyone will have their own views and creative inputs, and one needs to work around with this.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?
Unfortunately, I don’t like to disclose information about my upcoming shoots and I’m a little superstitious (laughs).

What is your best post processing tip?
Don’t over edit the skin, it needs to look beautiful where we can see the texture and detail.

What equipment is in your kit bag?
Well, I’ve 1 x Sony A7Riii Full Frame camera, 1 x 24-70mm
F/2.8 G master lens, 1 x Profoto light trigger, 2x Profoto B1X lights, light stands, and light shapers. However, my favourite lens is the 24-70 mm F.28.