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CrossFit is catching on like fire. This functional fitness school of exercise combines the best of many workouts to create a system which tests and strengthens the entire body. Potens in Madhapur is bringing CrossFit to the masses, and we decided to speak to two of their trainers to learn more.
Sandeep Gadde has been doing CrossFit for more than two years, and while he started out on a very difficult road, he’s now L1-certified. “I used to be quite fat, but I’d run a lot,” he says. “And because I had the stamina to run for 40-50 minutes, I thought I was quite fit. So when I was at KBR Park one day and saw some people doing this different kind of workout, I didn’t think twice about accepting when one of them asked if I’d like to join. Those eight minutes drained me so much that I was done. I just lay on the ground, tired and aching. And of course, I was hooked onto CrossFit, so when Potens opened up, I became their first client.”
The beauty of CrossFit lies in its variety and evolving nature, Sandeep feels. “Consistency and routine are destroying our lives. The more consistent your lifestyle, the less prepared you are for what may come your way. CrossFit offers variation in your workout by incorporating elements of endurance training and other systems. It’s about functional movements at a high intensity. These constant, natural movements are what you’d do in daily life, as opposed to isolated movements that occur in a conventional gym and contribute to a loss of human function.
CrossFit is catching on like fire. This functional fitness school of exercise 
“Intensity is a measure of physics rather than perception. More work in less time equals greater power. As a man of science, I need to see the logic in things before I can accept them. CrossFit offers me that satisfaction and prepares me for the real world. At the end of the day, I love and enjoy my job so much. Playing a very important role as I help bring about change in people’s lifestyles gives me immense satisfaction.”
According to Bharat Vemuri, who’s been doing CrossFit for more than a year and received his L1 certification about three months ago, this is a system with plenty of advantages. Bharat first learned about CrossFit more than five years ago, at a time when the lack of related facilities in India stopped him from pursuing it right off the bat. But as one of the trainers at Potens, he’s been able to witness its benefits firsthand.
“CrossFit is about fitness for the entire body. It’s a system that’s used by top-level athletes and elite military organisations such as the US Navy SEALs. These are people who prefer their strength and conditioning regimens to be more functional,” Bharat says. “Some of the things we incorporate into our workouts are Olympic weightlifting techniques and gymnastics, and while it looks tough for someone on the outside, these exercises are all scalable.”
CrossFit is about fitness for the entire body 
The fact that a CrossFit workout can be adjusted to one’s requirements is something Bharat stresses a great deal. “A person who wants to join Potens but thinks that he might not be capable of doing these workouts, but he can actually customise each exercise to his requirements and abilities. Take pull-ups as an example. Not everyone is going to be able to 25 of them the way an elite athlete can, so you might use a resistance band for help, or cut back on the number of repetitions or the overall intensity,” he adds.

Another refreshing facet of CrossFit that’s incorporated into the workouts at Potens is variety. “Our daily workouts keep changing,” Bharat says. “We have a number of different exercises that we keep switching around into different combinations. All these templates focus on total body workouts that do almost the same thing: give you a routine that’s functional and complete at the same time.”    

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