Poetry In Motion - Seerat Kapoor

Seerat Kapoor is like a complete rose. She’s soft, endearing, and beautiful all around. But if necessary, she can be as fierce and sharp as a thorn. She made her debut in Tollywood with the movie Run Raja Run, and has been going strong ever since. An exceptional dancer, a lovely singer, and a great actor – she’s a powerhouse of talent. In conversation with this positive soul, she talks about her upcoming work and lockdown learnings.   

Tell us about the roles you play in your upcoming projects – Krishna and His Leela and Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma…
My character in Krishna and His Leela is an independent, propitious, intelligent, fun-loving, and a hard to woo café owner. Ruksaar has an aura of a free-spirited bird exploring life by all means. She also happens to be that one friend in the group who often leaves others tongue-tied, by the wisdom and maturity that she effortlessly embodies.

In Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma, I play Vinitha, a no-nonsense typical Tamilian girl. She is disciplined and career-driven and can almost seem borderline intimidating to others, for the high prestige and standards she wears on her sleeves. The rom-com entertainer has me playing an intelligent, complex, and a hard-to-win college girl, unapologetically. Although Ruksaar and Vinitha are distinct personalities, people are often smitten by their beauty, unique character, and qualities.

We hear they’re both going to release on OTT platforms. How do you feel about not seeing them on the big screen?
I heard the rumours, too. As for now, we have only one film slated for a definitive OTT release. I find a mystery surrounding this yet-to-unfold opportunity, and it has ignited new reasons to feel encouraged about my energies.

What have you learnt during this lockdown?
Apart from cooking, I am learning newer ways to become a more compassionate human being. The lockdown is gradually helping me explore my greater potential and purpose. We must start perceiving life in its entirety.

What’s the yummiest thing you have put together in this lockdown?
You will not believe me, but we love desserts! My favourite hot picks of the lockdown are; sujee ka halwa, gajar ka halwa, kheer, chia seed puddings, zero gluten chocolate sugar-free cakes, and mango mousse. Trust you, each of these were swiped clean!

How has the lockdown changed you as a person?
I wouldn’t say changed, but the lockdown has surely helped me broaden my horizon and taught me to be cautiously and equally attentive towards all slices of my life. The pace we set for ourselves can sometimes become overwhelming. Quarantine has revived the meaning of holistic” in my dictionary.

How have you coped with being locked up at home?
Cope” and locked”  can sometimes have a negative connotation when put together, a wee bit extreme for the way I feel. Home is my first place of freedom. There is a sense of liberation in attempting different routines. On certain days, creativity came in the form of exploring meals in the kitchen. Other times, I’d shuffle around the furniture and upholstery to relish the same cup of tea, but differently. I could go on, but the point is to discover newer ways to coax a healthy flow of positive frequencies.

After this phase, what are you looking forward to the most?
For starters, the shooting sets. They say the way to become an actor is to experience life in itself. We have been put through serious testing times recently, and each lesson learnt has led to the germination of a fresh psyche. I am looking forward to expressing myself and experimenting under the influence of these newly formed ideologies.

The government has given the Telugu film industry a lot of restrictions to go back to work. How difficult will shooting be?
I believe change in any form can take a while to adapt and adjust to. However, if we choose to be flexible, it’s only a matter of time until we start to perceive restrictions as reconstructions and begin again.     --- as told to Anahita and  Photographer: Shreyans Dungarwal; Hairstylist: Vrinda Rajput; Makeup: Riddhima Sharma; Stylist: Bharat Gupta; Label: Abhishek Sharma