The Pinnacle of Pampering

Going to the spa is certainly a luxurious experience. Being pampered by professionals makes you feel like royalty, but have you ever wondered what the most lavish of these luxuries are? How do the biggest celebrities and most affluent individuals get pampered? We’ve put together a list of some of the most exotic, expensive luxury spa and beauty treatments from around the world.
Diamonds are forever
What’s a bigger symbol of affluence than a diamond? So it’s only natural that one of the most expensive beauty treatments involves this precious stone. Considering that diamonds are the toughest mineral on earth, they do a dynamite job of alleviating tension and bringing relief. Hearts on Fire, a popular retailer of diamond jewellery, has a very special place called the Diamond Indulgence Lounge. It’s a big hit with the folks in Hollywood because, as the name suggests, it offers fancy spa treatments that use diamonds.

The Loose Diamond Massage is an indulgent, full-body massage that uses cut stones worth US$1 million dollars. This one is going to have you literally feeling like a million bucks! Another massage goes for a mere $25,000, a steal in comparison. The lounge also offers an exotic manicure where tiny diamonds are worked into the design. This is one manicure you’ll be sure to take utmost care of, mostly because it costs a whopping $1,000. If those aren’t up your alley, the $600 diamond hair treatment might get your attention. Powdered diamonds are used to make a hairspray that will have you feeling like an absolute diva.

At Harrods’ Urban Retreat, you’ll find a lovely Hari’s Salon, where for a comparatively reasonable $500, you can get an otherworldly blow-dry. They use an exquisite mixture of diamond dust and powdered meteorites that leaves your hair shining like never before. And if that doesn’t keep you satisfied, you can buy a bottle of the shampoo that contains some of the same ingredients.
Red as a ruby
One of the most extravagant facial treatments is the HD diamond and ruby peel. There’s no doubt that it costs a bit ($7,000), but this luxurious face scrub invented by Scott-Vincent Borba makes use of the precious red gem and diamonds to exfoliate dead skin. The ingredients are crushed and applied to the face, and the scrub is followed with a lactic acid peel. This exotic treatment was made most famous by actress Mila Kunis.
All that glitters
Another of the most popular exotic spa ingredients is gold, and though not everyone can afford this luxury, those who can swear by it. The most famous treatment using gold is the 24-karat facial offered at the spa of the world-famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City.

Another place that offers gold treatment is Nidah Spa at the Eldorado in Santa Fe, whose gold facial claims to offer extravagant anti-ageing properties and lasts for a rejuvenating 80 minutes. With a name like Eldorado, guests expect nothing less than a golden touch, so it’s no surprise that one of their signature treatments leaves guests feeling rejuvenated and wrinkle-free.

Another favourite spa treatment that uses gold is the manicure popularised by Beyoncé. At an extremely luxurious $85 per digit, this one is not for the thin of wallet. The total cost of $850 dollars is offset by the use of gold nail lacquer – that’s an expensive talon!
Japanese conglomerate UMO has made the 24-karat gold facial quite the trend. At a relatively affordable price of $300 onwards, it lasts a little longer than 60 minutes, but the gold is believed to have youth-enhancing properties. The minerals are considered to make your skin glow (no surprise, considering it’s gold), and the hydration it provides is beneficial, too.
Green with envy
Another famous luxury treatment is the emerald massage. The Trump Hotels are all about luxury and grandeur, and this treatment at their spas costs around $300 – or more, depending on the frills you want to add to your opulent treatment. You can choose between the green precious stone or diamonds, which they then use to align your chakras.
Something fishy
When you think of extravagance and comfort, caviar isn’t one of the first things that come to mind. But it is one of the priciest, most luxurious foods. Therefore, it is but natural that this high-end dish can be used to enhance the outer body.
Spa Radiance has a caviar treatment worth $750. Not only does this place douse you in caviar, but they also include diamond therapies. A three-hour session includes a diamond peel, collagen-stimulating microcurrents, a caviar mask, eye treatment, and LED therapy. This full-body service is sure to send you into a grand trance.

Hollywood is the land of luxury, so it’s no surprise that Voda Spa’s caviar treatment covers its customers’ bodies in an exfoliating agent that is derived from the expensive food. The Ritz Carlton is one of the fanciest hotels, so why wouldn’t their spa treatments be among the best in grand therapy? A thousand dollars will buy you a very special golden caviar treatment called the White Caviar Illuminating Facial. If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, the caviar spa package is an hour-long, full body caviar treatment that includes a firming facial, all for $495. You might want to give that white caviar facial a second thought, though, especially when you know that you get a goodie bag full of White Caviar Illuminating System products that are worth 150% of the facial itself.
In too deep
Another treatment that spells luxury is the famous Evian Bath. You may remember this from when Serena Williams christened the $5,000 bath that uses 1,000 litres of Evian water. One of the most expensive bottled waters, Evian is said to be natural spring water, so it comes as no surprise that the stuff is great for your skin. The Evian Experience is offered to guests of a certain calibre at the Hotel Victor in South Beach, Miami.                                                                                                                                        ..... Saloni