Pine Colada and Peanut Chocolate Brownie

Pine Colada


Ingredients                        Qty

whipped cream                   100 gms
sugar                                  60 gms
grated coconut                   45 gms
gelatin                                6 gms
egg                                    1
pineapple compote             50 gms



Make the sauce with cream, sugar, and egg.

Pour it on to the grated coconut and mix until it’s smooth.

Then fold it in with the whipped cream and mix it well with the melted gelatin.

Add the pineapple compote to the mixture. Pour it into a mould of your choice and set it in the freezer for one hour. It is now ready to be served.



Peanut Chocolate Brownie


Ingredients                        Qty

butter                                 125 gms
sugar                                  200 gms
eggs                                   3
maida                                 70 gms
cocoa powder                      8 gms
peanuts                             50 gms
baking powder                    ½ tsp
salt                                    ½ tsp



Mix the butter with sugar. Add the eggs one at a time.

Follow that up by adding the rest of the ingredients and mix them slowly.

Finally, add the peanuts and mix well.

Put the mixture in a mould and bake it at 180°C for 30 to 45 minutes.

Serve as shown in the picture.