Piloti Boots by Pagani Huayra Roadster

Atwo-year collaboration between the high end driving footwear makers, Piloti Inc. and the Italian car manufacturers Pagani Automobili has resulted in The Roadster Driving Boot. Handcrafted to perfection in Italy, these limited edition boots have been created to celebrate the fusion of high-end design and technological innovation of the two brands.

Made of top grain leather, CNC laser etched anodised aluminium hardwre, and CV6 carbon fibre, the boots are smooth and sleek, all demonstrating luxury. Another interesting factor is that the look and feel of the supercar Pagani Huayra have been embodied in the boots through several features. The carbon fibre panel reduces the weight and increases the strength of the boot. The signature Pagani 4 pipe exhaust emblem and the low profile cushioning of the forefoot help in feeling the pedal. These sound like quite an investment, don’t you think?  Although the $849 price tag is sure to burn a hole in your pocket, these are only available in limited supply, so you better get your hands on these soon!   -  luxatic.com