A Piece of Heaven - Abhinav Choudhari talks with You & I

He’s the reticent yet confident young man who continues the legacy his mother, Poonam, began at their gorgeous store Jannat at Taj Deccan in Hyderabad. Jannat means heaven, and as we walk into the store, we are mesmerised by its attention to detail, right from the incense to the music playing in the background that transports you into a magical wonderland. There is a palpable warmth between the doting mother and son, who work with each other’s strengths to make the store a success. Abhinav has relentlessly taken on the challenge of infusing his youthful spirit into the store, which is nothing short of a gem. The store has delightful things to offer, including jewellery, clothes, homeware, crockery, and artefacts which are sure to appeal to connoisseurs of the finer things in life.

What is your role at Jannat?
I basically manage the store, and since it’s a hotel shop, walk-ins can come at anytime, mostly during mealtimes. So being here at breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime is important for me. I also manage sales, inventory, stock-checking, listing, and all the other behind-the-scenes activities that go into making a store like this come to life.

What has the experience been like so far?
It is interesting because this is my first job after college. So I am learning new things and gaining experience and understanding how to handle situations better, with each passing day.

What is your favourite part about working at the store?
Definitely not the clothes (laughs). I enjoy the jewellery and artefacts part, but when it comes to clothes, I leave that part to my mother to handle (laughs).

What is the USP of the brand and what makes Jannat unique?
Jannat was created with the intention of making every customer who walks into the store feel as if they’ve stepped into heaven. Each product we stock as part of our brand reflects the feel of the ultimate. We try to project that ambience in the store and want the customer to feel pleasure in owning something from our store.

Tell us about the homeware brand.
Hitkari was my late grandfather, Krishan Kapoor’s brand that has its roots from the ‘60s. He had been trained in Bone China in Japan, and then came back to Delhi and set up his factory where he made fabulous crockery. My uncle, Ajay Kapoor, has taken this legacy forward and revived the brand in the past year, and we are exhibiting them proudly here at Jannat, since it has immense sentimental value for us.

What kind of women does the store cater to?
It’s not the exterior personality of the woman who walks in that matters, since she doesn’t have to be very fashionable to appreciate our products. We have things that appeal to the unassuming, simple woman as well. All kinds of personalities appreciate things in Jannat since our products are a real mix. Jewellery is a hot favourite among women, whether they are simple or stylish.

What has the experience been like so far?
The journey of Jannat has been like a dream come true for my mother, and I have seen her toil her blood, sweat, and tears to make the store come to life. The store in itself took six to eight months to launch. Our vision was realised beautifully by interior designer Hameeda Sharma. There is a soul connect between this store and my mother, so all the credit goes to her.

What was it like growing up with a mom who’s so passionate about her work?
Her immense passion has led me to develop an interest in the line. When I watch my mother multitask between home and work, it truly inspires me. She is hands down the hardest working woman I know. I saw my mother put in her heart and soul into her passion, and that has definitely nudged me towards wanting to get into this line as well, even though I initially intended to help her out only temporarily. Whether it will be a lifelong journey or not, only time will tell.

What are your other interests?
I love hanging out with my friends, watching football. On weekdays, work is my priority.