Picture This! - Anil Ramchandani

They say you are who you surround yourself with. And this is most certainly the case with Anil Ramchandani, a famous photographer in the city, who owns Linaarp’s Photography. With his near and dear working in the field of photography, he never really went off the beaten path, and instead just picked up the camera and never stopped clicking. Maybe it was instant connection; taking pictures that show true emotions came naturally to him. Maybe because he connects with his subjects instantly? Nowadays the lensman takes up many photography and videography projects through his company. At Linaarp’s, they capture unstaged magical moments, and their heart and passion is evident in every shot!

Why photography?
Well, it’s in the genes, I guess. My dad, uncles, and elder brother are all in the same profession. I had tried my hand at various professions, including being a commercial pilot, but the photography bug bit me really hard, I suppose. It’s turned into a full-time profession as well as my passion.

What’s your style of photography like?
I like to freeze joy as much as possible, whether it’s weddings, portraits or family pictures. Anybody who sees my work should feel an inner glow – well, a lot of people have told me that I have touched their hearts!

And your favourite type of photography?
My favourite is portraits of families, children, and couples. The interaction between them is so relaxed and cool that I just need to nudge them a bit, and they give such lovely poses and expressions that make for awesome images.

Has anything or anybody influenced your photography?
I have always ardently followed war journalists and motion picture journalists, as they find joy in sorrow and vice versa. They bring out the human emotion in the best way they can, which reflects in their skilful work.

How do you choose your shooting locations or subjects?
It all depends on what story we’re finally going to say. But I mostly like to shoot the subject against contrasting locations, so that I can bring out the best in them.

What inspires you?
Movies! They’re full of the most creative minds from across the world.

What do you consider your best work so far?
It’s always evolving. But recently, when I shot pictures of a family of 18 members from three generations, the oldest member of the family called me and told me how much she appreciated the images. That made me very proud to be in this profession.

Are there any challenges you face in your field of work?
No challenge is greater than trying to get young children to either pose or expect them to give appropriate expressions (laughs)! They have a mind of their own but, in the end, the weirdest and most loving pictures are of children only, hands-down.

If not for photography, what would you have chosen as a profession?
As I mentioned earlier, I was training to be a pilot. So, maybe that! It’s very close to my heart.

If you could have told yourself anything when you first started out, what would it have been?
I would’ve said, “Enjoy the ride bro… destiny beckons!”

Any advice for budding photographers?
No, they are quite creative and mature in their approach towards photography already.     – as told to Sumana