It’s that Dusshera-to-Diwali stretch when we just can’t stop eating. And that means, like us, you’re scrambling to find those extra special dishes for your celebrations, whether it’s for a family gathering or gifting it with your loved ones. This year, while ordering from city’s mithai bhandars is a nice idea, channelling your inner MasterChef contestant might put you in a better mood.


Ingredients                   Qty

condensed milk
cardamom powder
350 gm
350 gm
5 gm
0.5 gm
100 ml
50 gm


1. Bring khoya to room temperature, crumble and then measure.

2. Add condensed milk, cardamom powder and khoya to a non-stick pan. If using saffron milk, add it now. Mix and begin to cook on a medium flame.

3. Let it cook until the mixture thickens and becomes a mass. Overcooking could make it dry. Switch off and cool. The mixture looks smooth on its own so don’t knead.

4. Grease your palms and make balls and flatten them. Tuck the pistachios in the centre.

5. For the chocolate peda, add 1 ½ teaspoons cocoa to the cooked mixture and knead well until blended.

6. Make the peda and refrigerate before serving.