Phenomenal Shoe Designer Jimmy Choo

Even if shoes cost a fortune they have a distinct advantage over clothes, whether we’re short, tall, fat, thin, we can buy all the shoes that our heart desires for. As far as the shoe industry is concerned one prominent designer who has gained immense popularity for his unique shoe collection is Jimmy Choo.

Born into a family of shoemaker’s Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo earned fame and success through his handmade shoes. Shortly after he graduated from a London technical college he started handcrafting, designing and selling his shoes. Soon he gained an international recognition for his sophisticated and remarkable shoe designs and even the beautiful Princess Diana of Wales bought a pair of shoes designed by him. Gradually as the demand for his shoes grew, Jimmy Choo worked with an editor of British ‘Vogue’ magazine to help him establish his own company, ‘Jimmy Choo Ltd’.  The first store was opened in London in 1996 after two years the company expanded to the US, by opening two stores in New York and Beverly Hills. After a couple of years Jimmy Choo has become the leading shoe designers in most of Asian countries.

Apart from footwear other products such as accessories, handbags were added to his collection. This famous brand has bagged many awards for its phenomenal collection at the British Fashion Council, the accessories council brand of the year 2008, footwear news brand of the year award and in 2009 the Nordstrom partners in excellence award. Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Gina Rodriguez were a few among the notable ones who wore Jimmy Choo shoes at the Guild awards  2017. The company sells shoes for all kind of occasion but the brand is widely known for its bridal collection.

-    Akhila kakarala