Perks of the Job

She is a film actress from London, who studied in Paris and roamed many European countries as part of her job. Her love for travel is unconditional, and her dream is to visit “as many countries as possible”. Sophie Choudry was recently in Switzerland for an event, but being such a travel enthusiast, she made time to explore some popular places and restaurants. Read on to find out where she went and what she got up to during the trip.

I absolutely love to travel, and I think it’s because it’s something my mother instilled in me ever since I was a child. And after moving to India, we have explored the Middle East, the Far East and much more! I am so fortunate that my job takes me to so many different places. I’m always travelling, performing, and singing at corporate events and high-profile weddings. And I feel blessed!


I travelled to St Moritz for an event with my mom and my entire team, some of whom had never seen snow before, so it was wonderful to be there. Though the trip was extremely short we definitely did make the most of it. This village in Switzerland is absolutely beautiful! Everywhere you look, all you can say is ‘wow’.

My mom is also my manager, so we travel together everywhere. She is my best friend and handles all my work, my gigs, and my team. She is the best travel partner one could ask for and we are fortunate to have travelled all across the world together, and this trip was as special as any other. I was lucky to stay at Badrutt’s Palace, which is one of the best and most luxurious properties there. The views from my room were just spectacular!


I remember that one of the funniest moments during the trip was when my mom and I realised that none of our crew members were equipped for the snow. So while we were on our way to St Moritz, we found a designer outlet and bought all the scarves, gloves, hats and jackets we could find, and of course snow boots for ourselves.

Once we reached this scenic paradise, we went for a walk along the frozen lakes and looked around all the different shops. And one of them was a gorgeous chocolate shop called Läderach that sold mouth-watering slabs of chocolate.


The weather was beautiful when we were in St Moritz. This place is ideal for people who love to ski and enjoy nightlife. My entire family skis, but that’s something I haven’t done yet. We also explored some hip clubs and restaurants when we were there.

After a blissful time in St Moritz, we were off to Zürich, which is a gorgeous city. It’s also really clean, organised and lovely to just take in the sights. My suggestion for people who visit is to taste the local specialities like cheese, chocolates, and other authentic delicacies. Whenever I travel abroad, I never search for Indian restaurants, as I love to sample the local fare. And during this trip, I relished some delicious seafood, lamb and fondue.


I want to revisit these places to experience some beautiful mountain restaurants and other picturesque places, which unfortunately we couldn’t due to my busy schedule. But this trip will always remain one of my favourites.       - Sophie Choudry