Perfect Kiddo Snacks!

Popcorn. Popcorn is a sure-shot hit with kids, and it’s a whole grain! Popcorn has 4 gms of fibre for a 3-cup serving, making it a versatile and filling snack. You can even add all sorts of toppings, like grated cheese, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, and sugar.

Ice pops. A perfect snack for summers, ice pops couldn’t be easier or more fun to whip up. And if you’re making them yourself, you can control exactly what goes in them. From a generous helping of vitamin C with orange pops to a high dose of calcium with the much-loved yoghurt, you can try it all!

Cookies. The best part about cookies is that you can make them healthy by using the right ingredients. Whole-wheat pastry flour can be substituted for white flour; you can replace butter with applesauce to lighten the saturated fat content, and even add oats for more fibre. Voila! Serve them with milk.

Peanut butter. Natural peanut butter (without added sugars and other fats) is a good snack option. It gives your kids protein and healthy fats. It can be paired perfectly with apples, bananas, celery, toast, and whole-grain crackers.

Cheese. A super-flavorful and satisfying snack, cheese
gives your kids protein and calcium. A cheese stick combined with whatever fruits and vegetables your kids like is the best power snack. You can give a grilled cheese sandwich too. Just use 100-per cent whole-grain bread and add in sliced apples for extra fibre.

Pizza. Pizza is just another take on a sandwich, which can be filled with healthy toppings like olives, sliced peppers, or pineapple, and meat. Use whole-wheat dough and have your kids add their favourite toppings to it!

Chocolate-dipped foods. Everything, from fruit to nuts can be made extra appealing by dipping them in chocolate.

Crispy rice treats. The crispy rice-marshmallow-and-butter snack can give your kids the best health boost, thanks to added dried fruits and seeds. Use puffed whole-grain cereal to make it an ideal snack for your kids.

Chips and dip. A serving of pita or tortilla chips is fine, nutritionally speaking. It has filling fibre and is a tasty combination for healthy dips, such as hummus, black bean dip, or salsa.    --- Sumana