A Pedigree of Perfection

Bavarian Motor Works is one of the German big three, the best-selling luxury automakers in the world (Audi and Mercedes-Benz being the other two). It’s one of the few brands to be working on a plug-in hybrid sports car, namely the BMW i8, which undoubtedly belongs to the new generation of sports cars. To comprehend the brand better, we first need to get to its history.

What make the brand so special are the work that was done during the last century, the financial crises of the 1950s, and the advent of a new class that established its identity as sport sedan. Not many know that BMW started as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. In 1923, after the end of World War I (due to restrictions), the company shifted to motorcycle production, followed by automobiles in 1929. A
well-known motorcycle brand, BMW also has success history in Formula 1, touring car racing, and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The brand is also lauded for its innovations, ‘i’ being a comprehensive and ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility. With ‘i’ mobility, the brand believes that everyday travel can be 100% electric and still a pleasure. Like all other BMW cars, even the i8 has an unmistakable personality which is built for the purpose of sustainability. The BMW i8 symbolises ground-breaking innovation and a future-focused interpretation of driving pleasure, for which BMW is renowned. It is purpose-designed as a plug-in hybrid sports car offering agile performance and outstanding efficiency.