The Pearl Royale is the most expensive chess set in the world

Invented by world renowned Australian artist Colin Burn and encrusted with no less than 500 carats of diamonds, the Pearl Royale has recently become the world’s most luxurious chess set. Priced at a jaw-dropping $4 million, the chess set features pieces made out of 18 carat white gold and adorned with sapphires, diamonds and South Sea pearls. The name of the set is inspired by the South Sea pearls used on its pawns.

Creating the gorgeous Pearl Royale chess set was no cake walk. The manufacturing process was extremely difficult due to the countless hours of unwavering attention to detail it took to flawlessly cover the pieces with some of the best diamonds in the world.

In total, there are 500 carats of diamonds, sapphires, and South Sea pearls which make this set an exquisite piece of art. Due to its extreme beauty and luxuriousness, the set was only exhibited once last year in an art gallery in Beverly Hills, California. The maker plans to do it again, but this time bringing some of the world’s greatest chess players to compete in a tournament on this masterpiece. This limited edition set is on sale for $4 million and it comes with all the diamond and gem certifications required.        - Web: