Patriot With Pizzazz Zareen Khan

by pavan

An actress who’s appeared in over 10 films in various languages, Zareen Khan has made a name for herself in the film industry, despite not having a filmy background. As for what’s to credit for her success, she freely admits that destiny has played a role. She shares that she bagged a role opposite Salman Khan in her debut film following a mere fangirl moment. Here she gets chatty about her journey and her love for the country.

You have over 10 films to your name. Which one is most special to you?
Veer being my first film will always be the most special to me. I was new to the world of cinema then, and I don’t belong to a filmy background. So it was like a dream debut.

Which genres do you enjoy the most?
Action, comedy, and period drama.

Is there a film or character in recent times that you wish you played?
Devsena from Baahubali and Rani Laxmi Bai from Manikarnika. Both these characters are strong women with strong ideologies and beliefs. I would love to play a character like that.

Working opposite Salman Khan in your debut film is big! How did you bag the role?
It was sheer destiny. I never had plans of becoming an actress. I met Salman as a fan, and the next thing I knew was that I might be doing a film with him! Of course, I had to audition for the movie as the makers needed to be sure that I fit the character. I passed, and voila! I bagged a dream debut for myself.

With so much competition in the market right now, is it difficult to get good roles?
I believe in destiny, I believe I will get what’s made for me no matter what. I just have to do my bit of hard work and have faith. I have been a destiny’s child. I’m part of this industry today only because of destiny.

Who’s been your biggest inspiration?
Since I never aspired to become an actress, I don’t really have any inspirations, but I do look up to Priyanka Chopra for all her achievements. Coming from the small town of Bareilly, she’s now a global icon.

What are your current projects?
I’m doing a Punjabi film titled Pathankot. And I’m also doing my very first Telugu film this year and I’m super excited about it!

Are you patriotic about your country? If yes, what instils this patriotism?
Of course I am; who wouldn’t be! Every Indian has a sense of patriotism towards their country and I’m no different. We’ve heard tales of our brave freedom fighters sacrificing their lives for a free India ever since our childhood. These courageous soldiers fought and gave their lives for our freedom, and it is thanks to them that India is an independent nation today. Nothing is more important to me than my country! I am glad to be born an Indian and to be part of its diverse cultures. All of this instils patriotism in me. We citizens should not forget what the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force do for us and how they protect us so selflessly! If all this doesn’t make you patriotic, nothing can!

If you could change something about India, what would it be?
I wish for a safer India for women.

If not for India, which country would you like to live in?
I wouldn’t live anywhere but India.    — as told to Niharika

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