Parenthood - Little Things that Matter! - Keep Calm and Communicate, Be there –Physically and Emotionally

Parenthood is one such phase in a man’s life where he experiences most memorable moments along with his partner by sharing the responsibilities and work that it takes to be a good parent. The same phase becomes exhausting when you have to do it by yourself as a single father. Nurturing your child might seem a tough job when you have no one to share that role with. However, noticing little things in your everyday lives and working on it could help you strike a balance between your duties of a father as well as of a mother. Take a note. 

Keep Calm and Communicate 
When you’re busy being a dad, do not forget that your child needs much more than that – a mother and a friend. Try not being tough on your child and develop a better understanding. Children often seek comfort in a mother when they have arguments with their father; however, in this case, you’re all they got. So, instead of forcing your decisions and opinions on them, it’s better to walk them through it. No doubt, you’ve to be strict with children, but at the same time, they should not be too scared of opening up to you. Make sure to initiate conversations and build a comfort zone so that they can too.  

Be there –Physically and Emotionally 
Doing all of it alone, you might feel exhausted at times; managing work and home simultaneously might turn frustrating. But remember your busy schedule and life should not affect your child. Be there whenever the child needs you; physically and emotionally. The child should not feel left out and compare your family to other families. From ‘parent-teacher meetings’ to ‘their heartbreaks’, be there whenever they need you to comfort them. Try to make them happy in their small world. 

Take Trips and Vacations 
To balance your equation with the child and to take a break from your everyday lives, take a trip where you both can have fun and spend some quality time. This will help you know each other better and might help developing better understanding between you two. When you are out on vacation and living a completely different life and meeting new people, it enables you to rejuvenate and come back home with a fresh perspective and a happy and energetic mood. Plus, your child gets to see the fun side of you, which can benefit your relationship with him.     – Srivalli