Pani Puri with a fruity twist

Ingredients              Qty 

Mango                       600 grams 
Water                         100 millilitres 
Semolina                    45 grams
Oil                               for frying 
Sunflower seeds         50 grams 
Milk                            250 millilitres
Mint                             to garnish 
Sugar                            110 grams 
Wheat flour                 200 grams 
Salt                                 ½ tsp 


•    Take a large mixing bowl, add 200 grams of wheat flour, 45 grams of semolina, ½ tsp of salt, and mix all of these ingredients well. 
•    To this mixture, ass about 100 millilitres of water and knead it into a soft dough. Allow it to rest for about 15 minutes 
•    Now take a rolling pin and flatten the dough. 
•    Cut the dough into circular shape. Now deep fry these in a frying pan. Cook until they turn golden brown. 
•    Drain the excess oil after frying. 
•    Take another pan, add sunflower seeds, and roast until they turn golden brown. 
•    In a blender, add 600 grams mangoes, 250 millilitres milk and 110 grams sugar and blend it well into a smooth puree
•    Now take a pani puri and crack the top of it, in this add roasted sunflower seeds and the mango puree. Before serving, garnish with fresh mint. 

-Akhila Kakarala
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