Painting Her Life - Sita Narayan

Artists come in many categories as they explore different art forms. Dedicating one’s life to art is a big task, but according to up-and-coming Delhi-based actress Sita Narayan, passion for it takes you a long way. We had a little chit-chat with her about her future plans, and how she instills her passion for art into her career.

What is your take on art?
I believe that art is just about expressing yourself, and for me, it’s about how well you do it in front of an audience. How well people are able to connect with you and understand what you are trying to say is how art manifests itself.

Were you interested in art when you were growing up?
Yes, definitely. I was always interested in the co-curricular activities, and enjoyed dance and performing in plays quite a bit. I believe that dance and acting are also very beautiful art forms. Whether it was English or Hindi plays, I always wanted to be on stage and express myself through my acting. I have done plays in school and also did theatre. I did a workshop with Nadira Zaheer Babbar once, and even did a play with her!

When did you start seriously considering acting as a career option?
Since I was always interested in acting, even as far as back in school, I would always take part in plays and dance competitions. Then around college time, I started taking it a bit more seriously. Later, when I got an offer for a South movie with Srikant Reddy, I took it up gladly and that’s how it all started. I have since ventured into modelling and acting.

Do you have any favourite artists?
When it comes to paintings, I love Vaikuntam’s work. But my favourite ‘artists’ in the field of commercial cinema would have to be Shahrukh Khan and Allu Arjun. They are both amazing at their art.

And your favourite form of art?
Undoubtedly, it has to be dance. It excites me and lights a fire inside me. I love listening to music and loosening up. It always helps fix my mood and is almost therapeutic.

What’s your take on the evolution of cinema?
I believe that earlier, people wanted to see different types of cinema. But as always, their tastes have changed and, accordingly, films being made now have been revolutionised as well, moulding to the audience’s demands. Cinema really revolves around the audience.

What’s the difference between being in front of a camera and being in front of an audience?
When it comes to a live audience in front of you, the stage is very big. So you really have to be able to convey your message to the audience. You have to put hard work into your body language and expressions. With cinema, you have to be more subtle. Every gesture counts, and they all need to be controlled.

What are your future plans?
I’m not really a planner, but whatever comes my way, I will always give my best to it. My passion for my own art will be ever-present, and hopefully this reflects in all my work. Let’s see how it goes!