Paddy Protection Campaign

Telangana is amongst important paddy producing states in India with nearly 1.2 Lakh hectares under rice cultivation. However Telangana’s yield per acre is just about 2750 KG/ Hectare which is about 20 % lower than Andhra’s average paddy yield of nearly 3200 KG/Hectare. Heavy infestation of insects, weeds and diseases in the paddy crop is a widespread crisis faced by Andhra Pradesh farmers.

The Mumbai headquartered Indofil Industries Ltd has commenced Kharif 2016 Paddy Protection Campaign in Telangana specially in Warangal, Bhadrachalam and Nalgonda. Indofil has deployed over 100 company personal and well trained Krishi Doots to work closely with farmers to ensure a healthy and record paddy crop in KHARIF 2016. Maheshkumar Khambete a senior manager of Indofil Industries Ltd said farmer meetings are being organised at farms, at mandi’s and at dealer/distributor outlets. Farmers are being trained on advanced diseases diagnosis techniques and modern cost-effective paddy protection solutions.

Seed treatment products like Sprint water soluble powder provides protection from soil borne diseases and enables uniform germination, better root & shoot growth. Uncontrolled growth of weeds reduces soil nutrients available for uptake by crops. Zechor & Killog are effective herbicides for easy control of herbs at nominal costs. Avtar a unique combination of Contact & Systemic fungicide is an ideal remedy for Sheath Blight – a fungal disease during the rainy season which causes drying of leaves and their death.

Indofil’s Baan is a protectant fungicide for Rice blast disease control. Absorbed rapidly by the paddy crop BAAN is relocated towards the tips of leaves for protection from fungal attacks and is very effective if applied in the prescribed dosage at the right time. Baan not only controls blast but significantly improves grain quality, grain shining, grain weight (yield) and reduces milling losses.