Out and About With Dad!

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s a great time for dads and kids to take a moment to appreciate this unique bond. Fathers are uniquely important to their children’s development and their outlook on life and the world. Rather than handing out advice, the best example a father can set for his children is through how he lives his life. What a child sees, they imbibe. Money, gifts, expensive education, and travels are all secondary; it’s all about spending quality time and making memories together. Nothing trumps giving your child your time. Kids nowadays tend to be over connected to social media and technology, and waste precious time on these activities. This Father’s Day, why not get creative and take your dad out for some fun instead? Here are a few ideas for how to spend the day.

This is a fun outdoor activity to do together. Take your dad out for a thrilling ride! Give your father a speedway, a Go-Kart and a helmet, and watch the child in him emerge. There are plenty of fun options in Hyderabad for this, Runway 9 being one of the oldest and most popular.


Explore your inner warrior together with this activity that your father has probably never tried before. After all, there’s nothing better for bonding than battling it out with a dash of paintball.

Beer or wine tasting
If your father and you enjoy an occasional drink together, make his day by raising a glass to him at a local beer or wine tasting event. To make it extra special, bring home a few of the day’s best bottles to remember the day for weeks to come.


Amusement park
Who said this one’s just for the kids? Make this day
light-hearted and go ahead and ride those roller coasters with daddy dearest. It’ll make for some million dollar memories.

When you get a chance to spend 18 holes of quality time with dad, you know it’s going to be a good day. If your dad and you are newbies to the sport, you can hire a professional instructor to give you a leg up on your game.

There’s probably no better way to bond with your father than over a sport. And it’s also one of the simplest things to do. With the Champion’s League going on, get the low down on some great places that are showing the match, and kick back and relax with dad.

Camping out in a tent with zero access to technology is a wonderful way to bond. Switch off the incessant notifications, reminders, and temptations, and try exchanging stories with your dad about each of your childhoods.


Spa day
Who said spa days are just for the ladies? Everyone loves being pampered every once in a while, and if your dad is the kind who appreciates it, take him out for a day of luxurious bliss. Truefitt & Hill is a men’s-only salon that can give you and your dad the royal treatment you both deserve.

Car show
If your dad goes crazy for automobiles, then this is a perfect one. Check to see if there’s a car show happening nearby. If not, hire one of his favourite cars for the day and go for a drive with some great music. This is a great way to bond over just about anything.


Here’s a great way to really get some dedicated time with your father. Travelling is one of life’s greatest luxuries, so why not enjoy the pleasures of exploring a new place with your father? It doesn’t have to be someplace overly elaborate and fancy. A quick weekend getaway at a hill station to escape the scorching heat is ideal.

Giving back to society is one of the best ways to stay happy. Spend the day with your dad and work towards a meaningful cause you both believe in. Life has given you so much, so why not show your appreciation and be grateful to have your dad and the life he’s given you.   -- Suneela