oscars 2020 with Renee Zellweger and Brad Pitt

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This issue, we give you a scoop on the most coveted awards in the world of cinema – the Oscars! Recognised as the top honour in the world’s film industry, winning the Academy Award is every actor’s and filmmaker’s dream! We take a look at the outstanding list of nominated films and artists, and the winners who’ve made history this year in Feature Story. We also talk about some of the most incredible moments and the most fashionable ones of Oscars 2020.

It’s not just good genes that grant your favourite Hollywood celebrities that perfect-looking skin. And surprisingly, they don’t spend a lot on it, too! These gorgeous stars just use what’s in their kitchens to maintain their flaw-free looks. Check out their all-time beauty secrets in Mind & Body!   

Gracing the In the Spotlight pages is George Michell, one of the world’s leading historians of Indian architecture. He’s a founding trustee of the Deccan Heritage Foundation (DHF), an organisation dedicated to promoting and preserving the Deccan’s culture and history. His work includes more than 20 years documenting the ruins of Hampi and Vijayanagara together with the American archaeologist, Dr John M. Fritz.

In People in Focus, we have Tanuvee Agarwal and Shannon K. The former is a budding entrepreneur; founder, CEO, and head chef of Atticus, a modern catering brand. The cream of the crop, she has studied culinary arts in Switzerland, where she was first exposed to the Michelin dining culture. The latter is the daughter of famous Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu. She has forged her own path, using the remarkable talent she inherited from her father. She released her first song, ‘Roll Back the Years’, when she was just 12. Now 18, she’s already achieved more than what most people will in a lifetime!

An actor who has acted in over 50 films and in multiple languages, Laxmi Raai is passionate about her work and travel. She visited the beautiful and scenic Maldives recently and told us all about her wonderful, week-long trip in Grand Getaways.

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