The Oriental Orchard and Tako Kaopon Receipes

The Oriental Orchard



Ingredients                                          Qty

galangal                                                1 – 2 chunks
lemongrass                                            2 – 3 pieces
bird’s eye chilli                                       1 slice
McIntosh apples                                     6 – 8
green apples                                          6 – 8
homemade plum compote                       5 ml
lime juice                                               5 ml
Tanqueray No. 10 gin                             45 ml



Muddle the galangal, lemongrass, and fresh apples together.
Add the plum compote, bird’s eye chilli, and lemon juice.
Place the above ingredients in a cocktail shaker.
Shake the concoction vigorously for a while.
Double strain the drink into a pre-chilled martini glass.
Garnish with fine slices of apple.


Tako Kaopon



Ingredients                                          Qty

potato starch​​                                       60 gms
tapioca flour​​​                                        30 gms
coconut milk​​​                                       100 ml
white sugar​​  ​                                       100 gms
cream corn​​​                                         10 gms
pandan leaf​​​                                         50 gms
water​​​​                                                 100 ml
salt​​​​                                                    to taste



Mix the flour with cold water and keep aside.
Make a mixture of the squeezed out pandan leaf and water and keep aside.
In a pan, boil the water, add sugar, cream corn, and the pandan leaf water mixture. Mix well and add the flour batter after a few minutes to make it thick.
Make a square shaped cup with the pandan leaf and fill it halfway with the above mixture.
Take coconut milk in a pan, add sugar and salt, and bring it to boil until the mixture is thick.
Top the pandan leaf cup with the coconut mixture and place it in the freezer.
Serve with preferred garnish.