Online dating: Top four tips to keep in mind

The rise in technological advancements has indeed made our lives easier in several number of ways, one of which is it has proved to be a convenient way of connecting with people across the globe. However on the downside, sometimes interacting with strangers on dating apps and other social media apps can be a risky affair.

For all the singles out there, here are some safety tips to keep in mind for an enjoyable digital dating experience:

1. Do not reveal too much information: While looking for a perfect match online, people get carried away at times. Be careful about the information you share. It is good to be discreet about certain things that you’re not comfortable in sharing. 

2. Be honest- Being honest with one another is important to maintain a healthy relationship. Coming to online dating, you have no choice but to trust him/her with his/her words. One tip to keep in mind for a more enjoyable dating experience is to be clear about your expectations from the beginning.

3. Do your research- In case you decide to meet him/her in person, then you must do a bit of research. However doing research doesn't mean you become a stalker, rather it means you must know some basic information before meeting. Other than Facebook and Instagram, see if you can find some information about the person you’re going to meet. It is also a good idea to do a video call, in order to get a glimpse of your date before meeting in person,

4. Remember to stay sober- One big mistake majority of people tend to make while meeting an online date is to drink too much.  You should keep in mind that your date may not have the best intentions, hence you should be mindful. It is very essential to keep your safety in mind when you’re meeting with new people, even if you had spoken to them a couple of times.

-Akhila kakarala

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