One Republic has hit us right in the feels

From ‘Apologize’ in 2007 to ‘Start Again’ for the hit Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why; One Republic has never disappointed us. The American pop rock band released the lyric video to their first single from their fifth studio album, ‘Connection’, yesterday. The song has a very modern, hip-hop influenced vibe with a heavy lyric in which Ryan Tedder, the vocalist, expresses his longing for meaningful connections. 

He wonders how with “seven billion swimmers” in the ocean of our planet, “why am I so lonely?” and honestly, that is a question we’ve all asked at some point in our lives. The song is easy to sing along and groove to as the repetitive chorus goes, “Can I get a connection?” 

The blue-toned video consists of snippets from One Republic’s live shows, trippily edited as the lyrics seem to be getting typed onto the screen in old school Chiwriter font. The short song timed at only two and a half minutes along with the aesthetic video will certainly leave you in anticipation of what the band is going to give us next! 

-Tanya Francis
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