One More Light

“Tell me what I've got to do, there’s no getting through to you, the lights are on but nobody's home…” 

Most Linkin Park fans would remember this as the opening lyrics to ‘Talking to Myself’ that was released a year ago. Most Linkin Park fans will also have the experience of listening to this track for the first time marred by what occurred just a few hours after the track was released. The phenomenal video that features snippets of the band performing live, backstage scenes, and clips of the band touring gave us a feel of the classic Linkin Park that we have grown up to love. This is the last image most of us had when the news broke. It had to be so, we had to have last seen Chester at his most amazing self, consuming the limelight with his energy and spectacular vocals. 

Today, exactly a year ago, millions of people around the world collectively mourned the loss of one of the greatest voices of our time. We have grown up head-banging to, screaming along to, working out to his music. His lyrics touched that adolescent, misunderstood, rebellious part of us. A year later, we still struggle to cope with it but he always was and always will remain an inspiration to an entire generation. Fans from across the world have been posting in his memory, including Linkin Park bassist, Dave Farrell. 

Chester Bennignton

“There is so much that I feel, and that I could say, and that I would want to say, and that I don’t know how to say... but one thing I know for certain, is that you are loved, and you are missed.”
However, instead of mourning for his loss, we as his fans must stand for what he stood, fight our demons like he did, and #MakeChesterProud. 

                                        -Tanya Francis
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