Once Upon a Time in Neverland A Whole New World!

Every kid dreams of going on adventures like Alice, Harry Potter, and lots of other fictional child characters. Imagine the excitement when your kids find out they’re going on a real-life adventure! You can make this happen with the Adventures by Disney package. With a list of different locations on every continent – from a culturally rich three-day trip to London to a close-to-nature 11-day expedition in Japan – there’s no shortage of package options to pick from.

Your Adventure Guide will be the most important person to you on your trip. Disney makes sure you have two Adventure Guides who will guarantee that every detail of your adventure is attended to. These seasoned travellers know every nook and cranny, the local language, the best places to eat and shop at, and everything else you’ll need. This level of experience, combined with local experts, ensures that your trip will be an authentic and culturally immersive journey.

When Disney does something, they do it flawlessly. Each trip has a uniquely crafted itinerary for your family. From sophisticated events for the adults and Junior Adventurer activities tailored for the kids, you can expect a well-rounded trip that every member of your family will absolutely love. Try three-day safari in the Kapama Game Reserve in search of the Simba and Zaza; zip lining through a rainforest over lush treetops while you see the world through Rio’s eyes;

mountain-biking along the Santa Cruz coast, spotting iguanas, frigate birds, and the wild natives of Galapagos Islands; wading through, floating on, and snorkelling in pristine waters, alongside sea lions, sea turtles, reef fish, and maybe a glimpse of Moana; or creating your very own Venetian masks with renowned mask-makers to attend Tiana’s masquerade party!