Once Upon A Time

Nestled in Begumpet, Green Park Hotel’s renowned restaurant, Once Upon A Time is a true dining experience that is almost unparalleled worldwide with Chef Vish putting imaginative and delightful dishes out of his kitchen. An eatery known for its sumptuous food and enchanting ambience, the restaurant has redefined progressive Indian cuisine. Their delicious culinary creations are flavourful and cooking techniques are distinctive. The restaurant’s focus is to highlight regional Indian food that is homely and comforting and to move away from the traditional restaurant style that we have grown so accustomed to. Chef Vish explained, “The food we serve is Indian at heart in terms of the flavours and ingredients, but we incorporate western sensibilities for the presentation and serving style. This gives our food a progressive twist.”

The fine eatery has now curated the Little Bites of History Food Festival that is sure to impress many foodies in town. The Deccan Plateau has played host to many powerful royal dynasties throughout history, and the cuisines would vary depending on many factors such as the trade, culture, and climate. The ingredients, which range from millets such as jowar and bajra during the Kakatiya dynasty, to English vegetables such as carrots and beans during the British Raj, were used to their full potential by the seasoned foodies of the yesteryear. Now, the culinary team at Once Upon a Time has worked hard to put together the food festival to showcase various points in history, through a unique degustation menu. The menu will include small portions which are served over multiple courses. Apart from the Kakatiya Dynasty, the menu will feature dishes from the Vijayanagara Dynasty, the Nizams, and the British Raj as well. Once Upon a Time in Green Park will make sure that a single meal can be enough to experience the entire culinary history of the Deccan!   


- Rubaina