Olive-Crusted Lamb Rack

Ingredients                    Qty

lamb rack                     320 gm
salt                               to taste
red bell pepper            120 gm
yellow bell pepper        5 gm
potato                          50 gm
butter                           50 gm
olive crust                    20 gm
spinach                        20 gm
baby brinjal                  15 gm


1.   Clean and cut the lamb into chops. Marinate in salt, pepper, garlic and Italian herbs for at least
      2-3 hours.

2.   Roast the bell pepper and cut into discs.

3.   Boil the potatoes, and mash with butter, salt and pepper. Put the mash into a cutter and shape
      into same thickness and diameter as peppers. Layer in combination of pepper and potato.

4.   Blanch the spinach, and toss in butter with salt and pepper before plating.

5.   Grill the baby brinjal, and roast the marinated lamb at 160-165°C for 15 minutes, depending on the  degree of doneness you want.

6.   Plate the roasted lamb with all the accompaniments and serve au jus.