An Ode to Sikkim

An Ode to Sikkim is a picturesque panaroma of the historical journey of the kingdom of Sikkim to its merger with India in 1975 with heartfelt stories of a bygone era lost in the pages of history

One review on Amazon read “I am completely spellbound - transfixed in a time in history. It is as if I am there, half a century ago, and witnessing, experiencing, and living the same life Meera describes - almost like a fly on the wall.”

The book is not just about a Kingdom. It is about its people. It’s culture. It’s beliefs. It’s ways. Its very ethos. And then the book is about an amazing man - the author’s father - who had transformed a small Kingdom into a temple of learning - spreading his charisma, knowledge, and awareness - to Royals, men, women, and children - through education, art and poetry. Some of the poems send chills down your spine as you can feel the intensity, the aura that was around him. His paintings give radiance to his words and poems.

This is a book that must be on your must-have list. This is NOT a Coffee Table book. This is something that teaches you, inspires you, and makes you realise the power, force, and beauty of a Kingdom called Sikkim, and the historical journey it took to become a part of India. A story that you can tell your grandchildren.

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Foreword of the Book

A joyous childhood in the lap of Himalayas in Sikkim, in a kingdom with a benevolent and regal royal family, friendships that have tested the ebb and flow of time. All these experiences combined, is more than one can ask for, in a lifetime. Sikkim was our home since 1967 when it was an independent kingdom. A Referendum in 1975 led to Sikkim joining India as its 22nd State during the regime of Indira Gandhi. An ancient Buddhist Kingdom that was ruled by the Namgyal Dynasty since the 14th Century, breathed its last in the year 1975. The cherished memories and the mystic land, however are still a living part of me even today.

In Sikkim I have learned what it is to have everything and then lose it all in a fleeting moment with no regret because the life of a true follower of the Dharma is with complete detachment and impermanence where constant change is the only reality. The more you give the more you take to your next journey

“Sikkim, The Past, The Present And A Bright Future…”; this book is dedicated to my father who suddenly passed away at the age of 49 due to cardiac arrest in Gangtok in the year 1983, leaving a huge void in my existence, never to be filled again.

My father, Madhusudan Singh was also a keen and avid photographer. All the pictures in this book taken by him are about half a century old. They have been restored to the best of our ability to bring to you the colourful journey of Sikkim that he saw through his lens; the memory of lost pages in the history of the kingdom of Sikkim and my adventurous childhood and youth.

About Meera Madhusudan

Meera, who belongs to the state of Sikkim, is an industry professional and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in brand building, design, consumer experience, marketing and communications across a myriad of verticals with an extensive experience in the Indian and ASEAN markets. She is the only woman entrepreneur to have successfully spearheaded the commissioning of the first privately owned Hydro Power Project of 110 MW at Sikkim in North Eastern India.

In addition to this, Meera continues to provide her expertise to Gati Limited - India’s pioneer in express distribution. Engaged with Gati since inception, she has been instrumental in building brand Gati as one of the most admired brands in the logistics industry. She played a critical role in conceptualising and executing the brand strategy for Gati through enhanced consumer experience and marketing communication tools coupled with her deep understanding of marketing and brand management. She was also responsible for setting up the customer service function at Gati that set the benchmark in the logistics industry.

Meera is also the founder of ‘Affordable Art with a Heart’, a Foundation launched in the Year 2017, which is a Not-for-profit initiative that supports specially abled children, orphans and in uplifting the underprivileged rural children across the country.

This foundation was conceptualised as a novel amalgamation of encouraging local artists while supporting social welfare initiatives. The Foundation has also launched a website which serves as a platform to promote specially abled children and upcoming struggling artists to get their work to larger global platforms while making charity available to all with a heart for uplifting the less fortunate.

Meera is an author of two books - Mystic Shangrila and An Ode to Sikkim. Meera is a Graduate in Management & Hotel Administration from the Pusa Institute (IIHM), Delhi and a Post Graduate in Management from the Oberoi School of Learning & Development, Delhi.