Not easy to work with Jackie Chan: Stanley Tong

Stanley Tong, the director -China film "Kung Fu Yoga" featuring Jackie Chan, said it is quite the task working with Chan and can be quite difficult.

"It is not easy to work with Jackie Chan as he always wants to do something different in each of his films. At times, you go run out of ideas," Tong told reporters at a press conference.

"In last 25 years, every time I had to come with a new action sequence and that quite tough. Since there are many car chasing scenes had happen in past, we wanted to try something new and different; there came the idea of shooting with a lion inside the car," he said.

The shooting took place across Iceland, Dubai and India.

Sharing his shooting experience, Tong said: "I love India, I came to India for the first time in 1993. That time, I was shooting in Hampi (Karnataka) and this time during the shoot of "Kung Fu Yoga" I explored various parts of Rajasthan."

"I loved the culture and its beautiful architectures and history. In fact, the film is based on a historical story so I had to do some research work on that," he added.