No Horsing Around!

If your kids are animal lovers, especially horses, it’s only natural for them to want to bond with them. It means that your child is going to start a new and exciting relationship with the horse. However, it won’t fall in love with you automatically as you will with it, as this relationship can take time. Here are ways to help create a great bond between you and your child’s new horse.

Teach them to be confident. Teach your child to be consistent with the horse and always be firm in his or her ways with it. In other words, they need to be confident while handling the horse. Also, teach them to set expectations for the horse. If your child is asking the horse to move five steps, and your horse does that, don’t let it get away with five steps forward and three steps back.

Bring treats for it. Although there are people out there who are against feeding treats, most of us like to see our horses enjoy a treat. The key to giving treats is to be consistent in feeding the treats safely, and this is a great way for your child to bond with the horse.

Understand its body language. Help your child understand your horse’s body language, as it will help him or her communicate well and create a closer bond. This can be done only with consistency, else your horse never knows what to expect next from you. Your child should learn to understand what your horse is thinking by observing their facial expressions, ears, tail, and posture.

Teach them how to groom. Grooming the horse is a pleasant way for your child to bond with it. Your horse will appreciate it when you brush areas it can’t get to, like its chest and belly.

Respect your horse. While your horse will learn to enjoy spending time with your child, it will also need the companionship of other horses. Also, they want shelter, pasture, water, and most importantly, leadership from someone they can trust.

Other comforts. Teach your child the basics of equine massage or other therapeutic touches. It can help bond with the horse. If your horse knows he can rely on you for relaxation, it will enjoy the time it’s spending with you. It may also help enhance his or her performance!

Experience things together. An experience shared between people can bring them closer. And so can sharing experiences with your horse! The more you ride and train your horse, the more you and your horse will learn to understand each other.            - Sumana