Nick Gordon Ordered To Pay $36 Million In Wrongful Death Case

A judge in Atlanta on Thursday ordered Bobbi Kristina Brown's partner, Nick Gordon, to pay $36 million in a wrongful death case, her estate's lawyers said.
According to the suit filed in Atlanta, Gordon allegedly gave “Bobbi Kristina a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put her face down in a tub of cold water causing her to suffer brain damage.”

"There was an urgent need, in my mind, to get justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown and that's why I took the case. We intend to pursue, with all vigor, the full collection of the judgment," attorney R. David Ware said in a statement. "We hope that in some small way this will allow Krissy's family to continue their quest for peace."

The judge awarded more than $36 million, broken down as:

•    $1.575 million for money taken from the account, including alleged stolen rings
•    $250,000 in punitive damages
•    $1.37 million for assault and battery
•    $13.8 million for pain and suffering as a result of assault
•    $4.2 million in punitive damages
•    $15 million for present value of life

-Devashree Goenka