The Next Big Thing - Kiara Advani

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If talent had a face, it would be Kiara Advani. After a power-packed performance in Shershaah and with several plum assignments to her name, our Cover girl for January is hot on the heels of success. Read all about the glamorous actress in our Cover Story.

As always, a time when there is speculation on what the next days may bring, many are looking ahead to prepare for the longer term. What will India be like in the latter part of 2022 when the nation, hopefully, is almost post-Covid? Since vaccines were rolled out a year ago, how will India fair over the coming year -– economically, socially and demographically? Flip through our Feature Story, as we explore some of the key potential trends for the next year and highlight where the country may be heading.

Though 2021 was not quite the return to normal that we were hoping for, most of the world has recently been open to vaccinated travellers from India. So for people who feel safe travelling, the options for a holiday adventure run the gamut. Go through our Special Feature, as we share the list of destinations the Government of India deemed safe for travel for the New Year.

Turn to People in Focus as we clue you into Grimanesa Amorós’ work, a noted interdisciplinary light artist known for creating site-specific monumental sculptures. We also speak to the celebrated wedding planner and the founder at Entertainment Bay, Zain Rais.

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