Newron Motors EV-1 – The Electric Motorcycle Made out of Wood!

Newron Motors, the high-end French motorcycle makers have introduced one of the most incredible electric motorcycles that you have ever seen! Titled the EV-1, this futuristic bike is stunningly crafted out of an astonishing material – wood! Even though it looks like just a work of art, the engineering marvel combines impressive technology and performance with a cyberpunk-inspired design.

This exceptional electric motorcycle is built around a big cylindrical battery pack that is surrounded by wonderfully shaped body panels. And it can be crafted out of a premium wood of your choice, be it white ash, oak, ebony, or even red cedar. The magnificent design is almost entirely customizable, and any future buyer can also opt to add footrests, a passenger seat, or many other features.

While the pre-orders have already started at a €2,000 deposit, Newron Motors plans to commission just 12 units of the thrilling EV-1. The final price has been estimated to be somewhere around €60,000 ($67,000), and deliveries are expected to come in not before 2021.       - Web: