With the New HYT HO Watch, Time is Precious!

HYT has always known how to turn heads with their marvellous creations. Their impressive collection has yet again been expanded with the addition of the HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch. The hydro mechanical watchmakers hail from Neuchâtel and boast of some of the finest craftsmen in the trade who create some truly unique pieces. Its stunning sapphire case is 18.7 mm thick. The case, which is 48.8 mm, is also accompanied by a stainless steel black and DLC coated crown. The laser cut dial holds 63 tilted facets, adding a futuristic vibe. The dial also holds four windows that lie above the 65-hour power reserve indicator, the second discs, and two bellows, which help the red and clear fluids flow smoothly to tell you the accurate time. The hour hand has been replaced by these fluids, which travel around the dial to show the time, and is yet another way HYT reminds us that time is fluid. Limited to 50 pieces, it carries a cool price tag of nothing less than $49,000. The HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch might just be the watch of your dreams!    - Courtesy: luxatic.com